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Site index, defined as dominant height at some fixedbase age, is one of the most commonly used indicators ofsite productivity, in terms of stand growth and yield. Theaim of this paper is the development of a site-index system(SIS) through the use of stem analyses data from 55dominant and co-dominant trees growing in even-agedPinus brutia stands in Thassos, Greece. Two alternativemodels were examined for the development of site-indexcurves: King’s height /age model and MCDILL andAMATEIS difference equation model. Prediction performanceof both models was tested against a dataset ofstem analyses from three other geographic areas in N.Greece: Dadia Forest (Evros), Arnaia (Chalkidiki) andThessaloniki suburban forest. The difference equationmodel performed better, in terms of model’s statisticsand overall appearance of the final site-index curves, ata wide range of ages. Adopting this model, a SIS forP. brutia stands in Thassos island was developed, with abase age of 30 years and a total SI range from 7–22 m.Breast-height age and mean height of dominant and codominanttrees are the SIS’s entry variables in order toclassify a forest stand, or even a single tree, under a fiveclasssite quality system.

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