Rheinisches Museum für Philologie

Journal of classical philology

Already in 1841, the second pillar of the publishing house’s history began. From this year onward, without interruption, J.D. Sauerländer’s Publishing House has published RHEINISCHE MUSEUM FÜR PHILOLOGIE, which includes articles about ancient Greek-Roman studies. The values of the magazine are evident already in its name. The museum should „protect the past… for our present and therefore preserve it and hold it as living.“ The magazine was founded by philologists from Bonn, and until the eighties of the last century, the publishers were always employed as professors at the University of Bonn. Then the publication moved through Saarbrücken over to Cologne, staying all the while a child of the Rhein area. This close connection between professor and publisher has always proven useful. From the founding year until today, it has been possible to provide philologists from all over the world with and internationally imaged platform, through which they can exchange developing reports. The international acclaim of this platform is shown by the fact that over 70% of all subscribers are from out of the country.

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