Allgemeine Forst- und Jagdzeitung

German Journal of Forest Research

The publication of the first issue of the ALLGEMEINE FORST- und JAGDZEITUNG in 1832 by J.D. Sauerländer’s established forestry as an important scientific discipline with a widespead following. Previous publications within the environmental context had been rather descriptive and general, even romantic. Influenced by developments in the emerging natural sciences, the new editorial policy favoured rigorous reporting of scientific investigation. An important step at that time was the adoption of the “equality principle”, which implied that the scientific quality, not the age or status of the author, was the decisive factor for accepting a manuscript. The ALLGEMEINE FORST- und JAGDZEITUNG is the oldest forestry scientific journal worldwide. Its editorial principle, which is now accepted by every self-respecting journal, has been operating for more than 175 years. The international recognition of the journal is reflected by its inclusion in the Science Citation Index (SCI) of the Institute for Scientific Information. There has always been close cooperation between Sauerländer’s and the forestry scientific community. The current editorial board consists of active scientists engaged in forest research and teaching at several European universities.

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